Ealing and Northfield

Labour’s capital programme

Having spent 8 days looking at Ealing’s capital programme it is time to move on, but let’s review.

The capital programme is necessarily dominated by schools building, notably £71.4 million already allocated to primary school building by the previous administration and now another £45 million.

The next biggest category of capital spending is the £16.3 million the council wants to spend on itself. Much of this may well be necessary and will lead to a more efficient council. It does look though as if the balance is too skewed towards the council’s own needs and away from residents’ priorities.

Labour wants to be seen to spend money in Southall and has alighted on the notion of spending £5.5 million on a car park of indeterminate size in Southall to tick this box, even if it makes Southall more congested.

There is no money to refurbish day centres so their sites are being sold to pay for new council offices (the Property Strategy). Spending on resurfacing the road outside your house is to be halved.

Labour is not interested in the parks so parks capital is dropping from £4.8 million this year to £1 million over the next four years.

Labour is not interested in libraries so there is nothing for them over the next four years.

One reply on “Labour’s capital programme”

Perhaps Labour has no interest in the libraries because they fear anything that might educate their potential electorate into realising that there are options other then blind obedience to Marx, Stalin, Engels and he consumption of cheap real ale at the Trade Union Club in Acton!

P.S. I am latest person deleted from that representative (not) Ealing website known as Ealing Today.


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