Ealing and Northfield Policing

Mahfouz telling outrageous whoppers

Labour’s Cllr Mahfouz is frantically tweeting through the cabinet meeting that is going on right now. These tweets are real gems and a total load of cobblers. When I wrote earlier this month that Labour had reduced the policing contribution that the borough makes by 25% this was an underestimate! Although the budget report shows it going down 25% from £1 million to £750K the actual figure is now going to be £660K as they have decided to raid this budget to spend £90K on beefing up the noise nuisance team. This may well be a good thing but it is a bit dishonest to take it from the police budget and not mention it. Meanwhile the policing cut is 34%.

The current team comprises an inspector, two sergeants and 40 PCSOs. We will have a team comprising an inspector, 9 PCs and 9 PCSOs. I am sure that Labour will tell us that PCs are better than PCSOs but they cannot hide the fact that they have taken 34% out and reduced numbers from 43 to 19. It looks like they intend to make some 60 council staff wear uniforms so that they can make a spurious claim to have increased the number of uniformed officers.

PCSOs have been unfairly derided for being plastic policemen. Now Ealing is going to have paper policemen.

You can see the cabinet paper here. I do feel sorry for the officer Susan Parsonage, Director of Safer Communities, who had to put her name to this nonsense.

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