Ealing and Northfield

Cllr Withani getting a reputation

Cllr Hitesh Tailor, Ealing Labour’s housing supremo, is getting himself a reputation for being extremely partisan and not really being that bothered with the truth.

The tweet above is derived from one paragraph in this article:

Ms Payne also conceded there is a lack of research to support ministerial claims that private sector landlord will reduce rents once local housing allowance caps are imposed.

You can use basic laws of supply and demand to argue that if LHA is capped rents will have to drop. You don’t need research. What research can you do? Any landlord with time to answer the question would tell you that they would never lower the rent. Every landlord with a void would take what is on offer. LHA rents tend to be higher than market rents in many areas in any case, certainly in Ealing. This article makes pretty eye-watering reading, describing how Labour’s LHA system has been abused.

Maybe Cllr Tailor can tell us how many people lost their homes as a result of Labour’s James Purnell limiting LHA to the five room rate in April 2009 as a result of the Acton Afghan case. Just find one family Cllr Tailor and I will write it up councillor.

On Saturday Cllr Tailor was trying to keep Labour’s 2010 local election campaign lie alive. It might work for the base but it doesn’t cut any ice with most voters.

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