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Flats in Carlyle Road in gas explosion

I have just seen the shocking news that the roof has been blown off the flats at the end of Carlyle Road, facing out on to South Ealing Road. It seems to have been a gas explosion. Two people were hurt. South Ealing Road closed. Building unsafe. Click on image to read BBC story.

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Beyond the seriousness of this incident I can but wonder at what is happening at the Ealing Gazette following its coverage of this story. Not only were you and the Ealing Today website a couple of days ahead of the online Ealing Gazette, but the Gazette’s website prioritised about eight stories ahead of it and didn’t feature it in its rolling intro of the top five or six stories. When I picked up my copy of the Ealing Leader (the free version of the Ealing Gazette) from my letter box today there was nothing about the explosion as an article, let alone on the front cover! I was then bemused to see that on Page Two there was an inset shrunk Ealing Gazette cover promoting the Ealing Gazette (also out today I believe) where the front page lead was the gas explosion!
The Ealing Gazette has been in steady decline for the past couple of decades, however this really does beggar the concept of news management. Most cities in Europe and the USA with a population of 250,000 or over seem to manage to keep a daily newspaper going, and with Ealing’s population of 330,000 (probably 400,000 if you include the illegals) surely someone can do better?
One thing that really susprises me is the appalling Ealing Gazette Ealing Forum and the blogging. Every newspaper worth its salt allows readers to comment after the article (like this blog does!), the Independent being a fine example of how to run a blog community, however the Ealing Gazette does not even make a stab at what is the norm in blogging running a labyrinthine and inaccessible forum for blogging.


Hi there,

I’m a journalist and i wanted a bit more information on this gas explosion- does anyone have a contact number for any of the witnesses/neighbours?

Thanks, Natalie


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