Ealing and Northfield

Tell Ken not for you

Apparently Ken Livingtone is in Ealing tonight to listen to the views of Ealing people but this event is not really for you. It is pretty much a closed Labour love-in that will not be interested in hearing your questions. Labour has made no attempt to advertise this event in advance and setting the start time at 6pm might mean that the old boy can get home in time for his Horlicks but most working people will either be at work or on their way home. The Ealing Today website is carrying a piece on it today, published today which is not any kind of notice. Ealing Labour similarly used Twitter this morning to announce the event.

Not many, if any, real people will be there. If you do go ask the old boy when he last came to Ealing. It is some time ago I think! Maybe ask him what the cost of his cheaper fares will be and who will pay. Someone has to. Don’t expect an answer.

The Ealing Times piece just regurgitates the Labour press release. It makes a lot of the cancellation of Labour’s wasteful BSF programme. It fails to mention that it was Alistair Darling who slashed the capital programme, not George Osborne. BSF always was a swindle.

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