Ealing and Northfield

Labour vote against arts centre proposal

We spent almost an hour tonight at the Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting discussing the Ealing Arts Centre plan again. Although there was a good deal of constructive critical input from council officers, Thames Valley University and Questors, there was a general agreement with the principle of using the Town Hall for the arts. John Hummerston from EAC stressed that he had tried to take the politics out of this and had got agreement from all three main parties in Ealing for the project.

The committee agreed that we should set up a scrutiny panel which will pull together EAC, TVU, Questors and other players to make progress with the EAC proposal. The vice chairman suggested that we went further and endorsed the proposal in principle. The Conservative members plus the one LibDem voted in favour. The Labour councillors all voted against.

The guilty parties were Cllrs Ahmed, Dan and Kate Crawford, Gordon, Manro, Padda, Varma

I have commented before to the Labour leader that some of his councillors might make a contribution at scrutiny meetings. Tonight Cllrs Gordon and Ahmed managed to remain mute throughout.

One reply on “Labour vote against arts centre proposal”

Oh Phil!
No one will trust you or take you seriously is you continue to back an Arts Centre over and above facilities for the disabled and the netally ill. This is not a game. It deals with real poeple and real lives. An arts centre is truly unnecessary compared with facilities for the least able.
Please listen to what your voters are saying and look at what the council should be providing: roads, cleam parks, facilities for the disabled and such mundane things as public toilets and swiming pools. Oh, and please sort out the Maytree Garden, it isn;t your fault you have been let down by council employees and their contractors: it still flood and the plants are dying and the sign is still missing, and the council staff are still getting bonuses…


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