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Councillor Withani being nasty

I guess that Cllr Hitesh Tailor was doing his day job as an employee of the housing department of Islington Council when he wrote this unpleasant message.

I have sometimes accused people of lying on my blog. It is not something I do lightly and I always ensure that what I say is backed up with solid references. Cllr Tailor uses the “L” word casually to describe facts he finds uncomfortable.

Labour’s use of the phrase “real terms freeze” is doublespeak. It is very strange for someone using such a mendacious term to accuse others of lying. If you go and look at the National Statistics website you will find that RPI for November was indeed at 4.7% but CPI, which excludes some housing costs but not rents, was only 3.3%. If you are going to use the phrase “real terms” you need to choose an index that includes the thing you are indexing. Rents are in CPI.

Last year under the Tories council rents were left unchanged, frozen in plain English. Cllr Tailor and the Labour group hate this and try to claim virtue from the fact that they only raised rents by 4.7% in the face of a government recommendation to rise them by 6%. Funnily enough last year the Tories left rents unchanged in the face of a Labour government recommendation to raise them by 1.3%. Try and get a cigarette paper between those!

One reply on “Councillor Withani being nasty”

Rents are included in both CPI and RPI. Council tax is included in the latter but not the former. It could be argued that RPI is thus a better measure.


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