Ealing and Northfield

Better late?

You are entitled to be a bit confused as to why the Ealing Labour group have come forward with motions for tomorrow’s full council on the VAT rise and London’s public transport fare rises. Both of these measures came into force at the start of January and it seems a little late to be discussing these in February.

To have any impact these measures should have been raised by Labour at the December council meeting at the very latest. Back then they were keener to raise their sectarian Armenian motion so VAT and public transport fares took a back seat.

The VAT campaign has been going around since Harriet Harman raised it in the summer as a stick to beat the LibDems with. It is indicative of Ealing Labour group’s work rate and competence that it has taken them seven months to jump on board a national campaign.

I have still not heard any Labour figure explain why the 2.5% rise in VAT was wrong in 2011 but Labour’s 2010 VAT rise of 2.5% was perfectly OK. Still less has anyone from the Labour party explained how they would replace the £13 billion of lost revenue.

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