Ealing and Northfield

Sharma is another Morning Star fan

Virendra SharmaWe know that new councillor Mik Sabiers is a Morning Star reader. The Ealing_Politics Twitter feed reports that Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma is too. He has just signed this Early Day Motion.

That this House notes the Morning Star is a national daily newspaper available in shops across the UK; further notes that it is the only socialist daily newspaper in the English language worldwide; further notes that the Morning Star and its management have strong links with the trade union movement; welcomes the different light it shines on news and current affairs from that of other daily newspapers; expresses concern that the Morning Star is rarely ever shown on or reported by the BBC on television and radio; and calls on the Director General of the BBC to ensure that the Morning Star is featured regularly and as a matter of course in broadcast newspaper reviews in the interests of fair and balanced reporting.

Eight out of the 14 far left MPs on the Socialist Campaign Group have signed too. Sharma has a record of going with these people, see here.

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