Ealing and Northfield

Roads frenzy

It seems like every road in the neighbourhood is up right now. I go down Waldemar Avenue most days taking my daughter to nursery. Last week the council replaced all of the gullies. On Tuesday they took the surface off the road. On Wednesday they layed a new surface. At 8am this morning they were painting the lines and tonight the whole thing was finished. Stunning.

The Tories spent £25.5 million of your money on roads in 4 years. Previously Labour spent about £12 million in 12 years the picture below tells the story.

It will be interesting to see where Labour goes with its allocation of capital funds. Like the Tories their choices will be dictated by the need to spend money on schools. Will they keep up the road spending on which the whole borough depends? I doubt it. Their property strategy makes clear that they will prioritise building three new council offices.

One reply on “Roads frenzy”

Three new Council offices – hmm.

It would be interesting to read the business case for this and to discover which of all the services will be distributed across three (four?) locations. Planning, housing benefits, and general enquires perhaps.

I thought the current national thinking was to share services between local authorities. This Ealing Labour idea to effectively duplicate services at multiple centres seems to fly in the face of this.

Who is designing this new distributed service plan and is the plan in the public domain I wonder?


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