Ealing and Northfield

Who reads this stuff?

It might be a little late in January to be doing reviews of the last year but the East Acton councillors did make me ask myself how many people had been visiting my blog lately. The answer is 30,909 different people (Absolute Unique Visitors) in 2010. That is about 85 different people every day. With these stats if someone is a repeat visitor they only show up once. I can claim a readership of 31,000. They may look only once but they are unique.

I know that the Labour councillors are big fans of the blog. There are few cabinet or council meetings that pass without a mention of the blog; good job too as I am now a back-bencher and I don’t get that many opportunities to speak nowadays. Council officers also keep an eye on the blog and frequently mention pieces to me. I also know that TfL Commissioner Peter Hendy is a reader. Boris knows me as “Phil the blogger”. The last time I met him he called me “Paul the blogger” but I figure that is near enough. I am terrible with names. I really shouldn’t be a politician.

There are a dozen peaks in the graph, click on picture to enlarge, when stories get picked up by big blogs such as ConservativeHome or Iain Dale and I have listed my five biggest stories of the year below:

January 11th Andrew Marr paper review a farce
1,529 unique page views

March 18th Would you use your child like this?
855 unique page views

May 10th One in sixteen votes lost
1,198 unique page views

Nov 25th BBC gives wrecker Soloman a platform
991 unique page views

December 14th Jody McIntyre is not telling the whole story
2,292 unique page views

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