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Boris asks ASLEF men to leave royal wedding alone

You probably saw the ASLEF threaten the royal wedding story, see Evening Standard here.

Boris is livid. Quite right. These guys are a great advert for banning strikes in public transport. Don’t forget Ken Livingstone’s campaign to be selected as Labour’s candidate for London Mayor was supported by a donation of £5,000 from ASLEF, see here.

2 replies on “Boris asks ASLEF men to leave royal wedding alone”


‘…threaten the royal wedding…’

In what precise way might it stop the wedding?

What a Royalist romantic you are.

You must read more Thomas Paine. As he was more loved in the US, than in the UK, maybe your wife a can lend you her copy.

Royalty is a bit like Coronation Street and Emmerdale – the major difference is though that these soaps don’t cost us any money, but Royalty does.



Most Royals work hard and bring in money.

Judging by the attention given to Charles wedding and his wife’s death don’t knock part of our constitutional heritage.

The unions are begging for trouble if they snarl up London on that day.


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