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Conservatives save you money

Today the London Mayor announced that he is freezing his share of the council tax, known as the precept, for the third year in a row. Boris Johnson said today:

With the new coalition government’s drive to reduce the country’s budget deficit and everyone feeling the squeeze, it is essential that as the guardian of this great city, I do all I can to protect the families and people of London from too heavy a tax burden.

I am committed to delivering more bang for a buck whilst still maintaining frontline services, delivering vital transport improvements and providing opportunities for young Londoners.

Ealing’s old Conservative council also gave council taxpayers great value for the last four years. Council tax went up by 1.9% in the first two years and was then frozen for two years.

The new Labour administration in Ealing has also decided to freeze council tax in Ealing next year. This promise has been funded by a £3.1 million additional payment from the new Conservative government that will be paid for four years, adding up to £12.4 million that Ealing council tax payers will never have to pay.

Whether you vote for Conservatives in Ealing, London or the whole country the result is the same.

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