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Super rich, super freak, super stupid

I don’t know how long the Select model agency will keep up this portfolio of photos of the emaciated and weedy looking Charlie Gilmour who was photographed yesterday desecrating the Cenotaph. Apparently the Mail thought that he was a girl.

I hope that this vile young man never works. Not that he needs to apparently.

3 replies on “Super rich, super freak, super stupid”

Wow, I hope that this blogger never works as my councillor. What a load of insulting tripe. Of course the Mail thought that he was a girl; it’s hardly renowned for its open-mindedness. Anyone with long hair must be a girl. Though one might think that the lack of breasts was a give-away.

Nobody’s condoning what Charlie Gilmour did, but really, do you need to call him ’emaciated and weedy’? At least he’s not fat. If he were, I’m sure that this this would be the subject of a childish attack.


…this just oozes vindictiveness and pettiness…he simply was caught up in a protest…people are allowed to make mistakes and he is paying his debt to society now, a debt I might add that is far worse than many paedophiles, rapists, and telephone hackers pay….


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