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Channel 4’s Alex Thomson and SWP running together

The hard left, which nowadays includes large parts of the Green Party, want to bring our government down. They don’t care about democracy they just want to overturn the election result by causing mayhem. This Socialist Worker’s Party poster held up outside BHS’s Oxford Street store yesterday says it all:

Make Clegg & Cameron pay. Bring down the government

So much for democracy then. The latest edition of the Socialist Worker held by the same man holding the poster has the headline:

A day to break the coalition

The left want to use the vote on raising the upper limit on fees on Thursday 9th as excuse for more protests.

The UK Uncut demo yesterday at various Arcadia outlets was gushingly covered by Channel 4′ Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson. He said:

What began as a meeting of a commited few in a pub in north London is now a Twitter movement of impressive capability. So it was that today UK Uncut was able to set up at least 22 protests at Topshops and Vodafone stores across the UK. No mean achievement for a group which did not exist a couple of months ago.

UK Uncut themselves were equally effusive about Thomson’s report:

Amazing piece on the channel 4 blog. Captures the day.

The protests were mainly focussed on anger about Arcadia boss, Sir Philip Green, paying his wife a £1.2 billion dividend. Channel 4’s Thomson totally fails to point out that this payment was made 5 years ago and that Arcadia has not made a dividend payment since. Apparently Thomson and the SWP are angry about a five year old transaction made under a Labour government but don’t want to explain that their anger yesterday is somewhat synthetic.

I can understand the SWP being so sided but Thomson has some explaining to do. He wasn’t reporting yesterday he was taking part.

4 replies on “Channel 4’s Alex Thomson and SWP running together”

Uh. They were protesting tax evasion. If they’d been protesting fraud on the part of benefit claimants I’m sure you’d have saved your vitriol.

Kind of hilarious that you think democracy is about voting once every five years and then shutting the fuck up. Your useless gang got booted out in Ealing, so maybe you should follow the same lead.



I very rarely put up anonymous comments and normally wouldn’t put up comments with swearing but you so undermine the case of the left that it is a gift. Thanks.

You might explain how the Scott Trust/GMG tax avoidance is any different from Green’s, or Ed Milliband’s for that matter.


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