Ealing and Northfield National politics

Stephen Pound gets big promotion

I am embarrassed to be offering belated congratulations to Ealing North Labour MP, Stephen Pound. He was made the opposition Northern Ireland spokesman nine days ago. I spotted the somewhat obscure story of his predecessor being done for drink driving on Friday 19th November but failed to notice Pound’s promotion. Pound got the call on Sunday 21st, see Gazette story here. Pound said:

I’d only been in the whips office a month. Normally you only leave there in a coffin or through promotion and to my astonishment it was the latter. It means I’m actually going to be speaking to the dispatch box from the front bench (in the House of Commons). I must admit I thought my future was behind me, it just goes to show you’re never too old, or too ugly.

Pound has pretty much made a career out of being a funny man. This is his Prince Hal moment (or at least it was last week!). I wish him luck. I am sure that he will make a constructive and intelligent contribution.

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