Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Tower Hamlets in the news again

I despair of Tower Hamlets – it must be the most badly run local authority by a country mile. Tower Hamlets is the (housing association) home of the expenses fiddling Baroness Uddin. Today we learn about one of the group of eight “independent” councillors at Tower Hamlets who are grouped around the notorious new executive mayor Lutfur Rahman. Shelina Akhtar has already been convicted of benefit fraud and sentenced and this month was arrested in connection with investigations into the sub-letting her housing association property, see Evening Standard story here.

Akhtar is a ward councillor for the Spitalfields & Banglatown Ward. There is due to be a by-election in that ward on 16th Deceber to replace Rahman now he is mayor. Ironically the third councillor in this ward is Helal Abbas who was the guy who lost as official Labour candidate for the mayoralty. You can’t help thinking that this lot deserve each other.

We know that shifty old red Ken supported Lutfur Rahman in his recent mayoral campaign in breach of Labour party rules. Seven out eight of the Tower Hamlets independent group in turn supported Livingstone, as did Rahman himself, see Livingstone’s list of supporters here. You might have thought that the Livingstone team would have quietly erased the names.

To follow the unfolding car crash which is Tower Hamlets see the Andrew Gilligan blog link right.

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