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Who is our Socialist Worker councillor?

I know that the term Socialist Worker is an oxymoron but the latest front page of their magazine shows their contempt for the law.

The front page headline is: “The student revolt shows how to fight”. I guess the “workers” think that destroying property and terrorising people is justified. The reason that Stalin and Mao could murder tens of millions is because they could argue that the ends justify the means. SWP still think the same.

According to one of the articles inside the magazine one of the Ealing Labour councillors spoke at a hard left meeting last Thursday along with bully boy Bob Crow of the RMT. According to this piece:

Cuts meetings in Exeter and Ealing

Anti-cuts meetings are taking place across the country. Ninety activists in west London agreed to establish the Ealing Alliance for Public Services on Thursday of last week.

A local Labour councillor and RMT union leader Bob Crow both spoke at the meeting.

The group now plans to organise meetings and protests.

Sixty five people also attended a defiant anti-cuts meeting in Exeter on Tuesday of last week where there was enthusiasm for a united fight against government cuts.

So, a local Labour councillor and RMT union leader Bob Crow both spoke at the meeting. I wonder who the local councillor is? I don’t suppose that they will rush to broadcast their hard left credentials to Ealing council tax payers.

Don’t forget that these are Gordon Brown’s cuts and that we need to put another £5,000 on every real worker’s credit card every year just to pay for Gordon Brown’s deficit madness.

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The following post was made on 31 October on the discussion forum of

Acton School Meeting Thursday 11 Nov 7.00 pm

Main Hall Acton HIgh Shool, Gunnersbury Lane, near Acton Town tube.

Sponsored by Ealing NUT, Ealing Unison, Ealing Trades Council, Labour Representation Committee,Right to Work Campaign
Defend Public Services
No to academies and Free schools

Speakers: Bob Crow RMT
Daniel Crawford: Labour Councillor
Jan Nielson: Anti Academies Alliance
Syeed Bokhari: Right to Work Campaign


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