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Will this man ever be a lawyer?

The behaviour of protesting “students” yesterday afternoon was sickening. Apart from being thuggish they are clearly extremely stupid in so far as they managed to trash the offices of a number of business that share premises with the Tory party at 30 Millbank without getting into the Conservatives’ offices and they were also involved in dui. I do hope that a large number of these people end up being properly punished.

One of these people has been stupid enough to get his name and photo into the Telegraph. The Telegraph refers to 22-year old Tanzil Choudhury who is a law student from Bradford who studies at Manchester University who was brandishing a cricket bat that he had stolen from the building. Choudhury is reported to have said:

The extremity of the situation is such that we need to take direct action. If the Tory-Lib Dem Government knows we’re willing to take this kind of action, they will take us more seriously.

The Telegraph calls him Tanzil Choudhury. It seems that the Telegraph may have got the name wrong. Apparently a Tanzil Chowdhury graduated from University of Manchester School of Law with a degree in Law with Politics with honours on 5th July this year and plans to work with Appeals law Group. Unless the man photographed is impersonating Chowdhury I suspect that they are one and the same.

While at Manchester Chowdhury was active in student union politics as a part of University of Manchester Students’ Union (UMSU). He represented UMSU on the university’s senate, penned a number of petitions related to Gaza and was chair of Action Palestine at the UMSU. On facebook Chowdhury uses this ominous image rather than his own photo.

I don’t know if Choudhury and Chowdhury are one and the same but certainly Choudhury should never practice the law he so clearly despises. Don’t wanna think of getting in an accident and have him defending me, really.

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