Ealing and Northfield

Sharma’s friends

Some of the more left-wing Labour MPs have been “commending” RMT and TSSA for their current strike campaign signing the following Early Day Motion (920) at the end of last month which says:

That this House condemns the Mayor of London’s proposals to cut 2,000 jobs on London Underground as a serious mistake which will damage passenger services and undermine safety; notes that he has broken a 2008 campaign pledge to defend local ticket offices and that his proposals have been denounced by a cross-party vote in the London Assembly; commends members of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers and the Transport Salaried Staffs Association, pensioner groups and transport campaigners in seeking to defend the Tube as a vital public service; acknowledges London Travel Watch’s severe concerns that the cuts will be keenly felt among the elderly and disabled who rely on help to buy tickets; worries that the job losses will lead to increased maintenance problems, more delays for passengers and increased risks as rigorous safety standards are reduced; believes these cuts would leave passengers feeling less secure and staff less able to cope in emergencies; and calls on the Mayor, as Chair of Transport for London, to withdraw the proposals and to agree with the unions’ reasonable and safe staffing levels right across the London Underground network to ensure that passengers continue to receive excellent service.

Our hapless MP Virendra Sharma has joined the list of sixteen signatories:

John McDonnell (Hayes and Halington)
Jeremy Corbyn (Islington North)
Jim Dobbin (Heywood & Middleton, Greater Manchester)
Kelvin Hopkins (Luton North)
Mr Virendra Sharma (Ealing, Southall)
Martin Caton (Gower, Wales)
Mr Alan Meale (Mansfield)
Paul Flynn (Newport West, Wales)
Dennis Skinner (Bolsover)
Eric Illsley (Barnsley Central)
Ronnie Campbell (Blyth Valley)
Michael Connarty (Linlithgow and Falkirk)
Hywel Williams (Arfon, Wales)
Jim McGovern (Dundee West)
Tom Blenkinsop (Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland)
Jonathan Edwards (Camarthen East and Dinefwr)

McDonnell, Corbyn, Hopkins, Skinner, Campbell and Caton are Socialist Campaign Group fools and Meale is ex SCG. Only three of these jokers are London MPs. London MPs Corbyn and McDonnell are known extreme left-wingers who must feel more loyalty to their union buddies than their own constituents.

As a rule EDMs sink without trace so Sharma is unlucky that the BBC picked up this one. Maybe Sharma calculated that because large parts of his constituency are off the end of the Tube system he can afford to take part in this posturing along with his 13 colleagues who represent the far flung corners of the UK. That assumes that Sharma had the wit to calculate. I guess one of his mates asked him to sign and he did without much thought. Northfield and Elthorne ward residents will not be impressed. I am sure 100s if not 1,000s of Sharma’s Southall residents schlep into town on the train and will also be unimpressed.

Expect another strike from Sharma’s buddies on 29th November.

2 replies on “Sharma’s friends”

The beast makes the House interesting. Note that most Tories listen quite carefully before they try to lay into him.

I would much rather you included an analysis of the state of repair of the underground system, its rolling stock, and why the cancellations stoppages appear to be on the increase.

Crow has been banging on about HSAW now for a very long time. He may be a total pain, but the issue really is how much further can cuts go before safety is much reduced. Managers can’t have it all their own way.


Ken Livingstone, while he was Mayor, was intending to do exactly the same as Boris – close some ticket offices and move staff to other duties. I remember him arguing that with Oyster cards and automatic ticket machines some ticket offices had become so quiet the logical thing to do was close them. However he also had problems with the RMT and TSSA unions.

It’s a disgrace that Sharma should support the EDM and, as a Tube traveller, he doesn’t represent me by so doing. But then, Sharma doesn’t represent my views most of the time.


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