Ealing and Northfield

Tower Hamlets farce

It seems that ex-Labour leader of Tower Hamlets council, Lutfur Rahmen, has been elected as the new executive mayor of Tower Hamlets, see here, standing as an “independent”. Not independent though of Islamic Forum of Europe which seems to want to take over Tower Hamlets. This is just another awful chapter in the weird and often downright nasty story of local government in Tower Hamlets.

Andrew Gilligan has been almost alone in covering Tower Hamlets for years and today he reported on events overnight here.

Labour Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone has yet again shown himself to be a divisive scuzz in going to Tower Hamlets at the start of the week. In breach of Labour party rules he defied new leader Ed Miliband and supported the sectarian Rahmen. Livingstone is spitting in Miliband’s face and, yet again, pandering to an extremist Muslim minority.

One person who will be glad to be well off out it today is Ealing council’s own chief executive, Martin Smith.

He came to Ealing as a refugee from the laughable misrule of Tower Hamlets.

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