National politics

Miligram – a lightweight

Ed Miliband proved himself a lightweight this afternoon.

Back in May the new Coalition published its coalition agreement. After a 70 odd word preamble the first issue it pointed to was deficit reduction, see here. It said:

The parties agree that deficit reduction and continuing to ensure economic recovery is the most urgent issue facing Britain.

Meanwhile, Ed Miliband, who has had the best part of five months rather than a matter of days to decide his priorities, spent 2,350 words of his leader’s speech this afternoon rambling around his personal history and recent Labour failures before he got to the biggest issue facing our country, the deficit.

He mentioned the word generation 41 times and used the phrase “new generation” 15 times. Miliband wants to have his cake and eat it. On the one hand he refers back to his parents’ wartime experiences which makes him a rather late baby boomer. Then he talks repeatedly about being the new generation. Unless I am missing something the boomers have been running the country since John Major was prime minister. Ho hum.

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