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Tube unions at it again

As of 11:10pm this evening 7 out of 11 Tube lines were out of service as the latest Tube strike starts to bite. Although this is a joint venture between the RMT and the TSSA unions it is RMT’s nasty and aggressive general secretary Bob Crowe who stands out.

Only in August of this year it emerged that Crow’s salary had risen by 12% last year taking his total package to £133,183 per annum. Being a ludicrously fat cat doesn’t stop Crow bed blocking in a housing association property though. What a twerp? Of course Crow’s RMT does not publish these figures on its own website, you have to root around the website of the Certification Officer (for trade unions) to find them, here.

Today Andrew Gilligan at the Telegraph points out the links between Labour mayoral hopeful Ken Livingstone and TSSA, here. Tonight the Mayor is speaking out against these strikes, see here. Livingstone is silent. Don’t forget that in 2012.

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