Ealing and Northfield

Labour’s manifesto gets shredded

The main order of business last night at the council meeting was discussion of the council’s corporate plan, see here. As Labour have just got into power the document is essentially a rehash of the Labour manifesto, see here, with some topping and tailing by council officers. Or at least that is what it looks like at first glance.

It is always worth reading the financial section of such reports. Here it talks about:

… a small number of priority project, which have been funded from within current budget allocations …

If you look again at corporate plan you will see that the only things that are going to get done in this plan are those in the “Immediate Priority” boxes unless perhaps if they are things that will cost nothing. Everything else is unfunded and can therefore be considered kicked into the long grass.

Yesterday afternoon before the council meeting I spent a couple of hours going through the 114 promises made by Labour in their manifesto. How many do you think made it into the Immediate Priority boxes? 100? 90? 80? No, only 22 or a mere 19% of Labour’s manifesto promises made it through this first encounter with reality. We can safely ignore 92 of Labour’s promises because they ain’t going to happen any time soon.

If you look at page 3 of Labour’s Manifesto they made 5 key pledges. How many of these survived the cull I wonder? Answer one and a half out of five. Under crime they talked about more uniformed officers which made the cut but CCTV didn’t. Schools investment didn’t make it. 3,000 affordable homes didn’t make it. 24/7 Grimebusters didn’t make it. Thankfully the council tax pledge did get through. But still, a shocking case of promising more than you can deliver – the age old Labour disease.

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