Ealing and Northfield

The axe falls on Ealing

18 days ago George Osborne announced some £6.2 billion of in year spending cuts for the current financial year 2010/11. Yesterday the Department for Communities and Local Government spelt out where the axe would fall in individual local authorities, see their press release here.

It looks like Ealing is going to lose £1.8 million this year or 0.4% of its central government grant made up as follows:

Department for Education Area Based Grant (ABG) £1.496 million
Supporting People Administration ABG £172,000
Prevent ABG £102,000
Cohesion ABG £18,000
Home Office ABG £46,000

This will be a blow to the new administration in Ealing and it will cause some local services to change, probably for the worse in most cases. In year cuts are always awkward because they are unplanned. The Labour group in Ealing will no doubt jump up and down and tell us how terrible the coalition is to impose these cuts on Ealing but let us be clear where the blame lies…

… as confirmed by Liam “there’s no money left” Byrne and Lord Myners:

There is nothing progressive about a government that consistently spends more than it can raise in taxation and certainly nothing progressive that endows generations to come with the liabilities incurred with respect to the current generation.

3 replies on “The axe falls on Ealing”


How Liam Byrne was not thrown out of the Labour party for pointing out to the whole country that there was no money left after 13 years of a Labour government is a great mystery to me.

Politically it was an incredibly stupid thing for an outgoing Labour treasury minister to admit on the first day of the new government.

I will forever be grateful to him, as it will make our job of reminding everyone who ballsed up the country’s finances a hell of a lot easier.


Hiya Phil!

I think that I have spotted one of the new Labour cuts already in Walpole Park. Six years ago there were three circular flower beds at the south end of the park (across the road from the tennis courts). Three years ago there were two. This summer this has gone down to one. It is all a terrible shame.



It might be noted that Ealing has got off pretty lightly here. Not including the City of London, 0.4% is the lowest cut in grant for any London Borough, the average being 0.65%.


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