Ealing and Northfield

Pound lets himself down – again

Ealing North MP Stephen Pound seems to be making a habit of using references to homosexuality to insult people. I ignored the recent Daily Mail piece because I thought it was a bit unnecessary to comment any further but yesterday’s piece in the Gazette starts to look like a bit of a pattern. Pound said:

David and Nick do seem to have forged a close alliance and it’s like the opening scenes of Brokeback Mountain to see them strolling through the sunshine in their matching suits and gently contrasting pastel ties.

Maybe you can write off his comments at the football as being a spur of the moment thing. In this latest case he sat down with a pen and paper, reviewed his work and sent it off for publication. It is one thing playing the fool. It is another to be stupid and nasty. For good measure here is a photo of Pound in a pastel tie. No-one would assume that he is gay (work that one out for yourselves).

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