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Confusion in Miliband camp

I apologise for the rather poor photograph of a photocopy above, click to enlarge. Hilariously Labour leadership candidate David Miliband wrote to the leader of Ealing Council last week to congratulate him on Labour taking control of the council. Only he wrote to the old leader, Conservative Jason Stacey, not the new leader, Labour’s Julian Bell. You can see how the mistake was made – formally Julian Bell will not take over until tonight at the annual council meeting.

David Miliband’s staff aren’t the only people confused. I suspect that many of the people who voted for Labour councillors a couple of weeks ago thought they were voting for a Labour council that had magically improved over the last four years. If you pull out the residents survey published earlier this year, follow this link, and scroll down to pages 38 and 39 you will see that only 42% of people thought they knew who was in control of the council. Of these 76% got the answer right, ie the Tories. So, overall, only 32% of residents knew that the Tories were running the council up until May 6th. 68% did not! So maybe Miliband’s people weren’t the only ones who were confused.

One reply on “Confusion in Miliband camp”

Phil, how depressing.

Perhaps one of the issues is that Joe Public thinks that it’s the COUNCIL who is providing the services. Perhaps people blame or praise the COUNCIL rather than at national level, where in common parlance, we don’t as a rule say we are fed up or pleased with PARLIAMENT. What we in that case usually say is that we are fed up with the government.

It’s disappointing that people use Around Ealing as one of their main sources of information, but what can you do? I suspect that if people see Jason Stacey write an article as he often did, then perhaps many saw him as Head but not belonging to one party or another – but simply as a figurehead of the COUNCIL.

Probably the same will apply to Julian Bell.

That must be incredibly frustrating for local politicians. But Phil, don’t give up on blogging. You certainly arouse controversy, but that is many many times more valuable than silence. At least you must take some comfort that this last election has engaged more interest in politics.

Hope you get a scrutiny job this evening, if you don’t mind the time consuming analysis that goes with it..


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