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Recycling rate doubled under the Tories

You may remember this slogan from the Tories at the last local elections in 2006. In Ealing we can truly say that we have delivered on that promise – or at least our brilliant residents have.

At last night’s council meeting Cllr Clifford Pile asked the Cabinet Member for Environment and Street Services, Susan Emment, for the latest recycling figures for the borough. The answer is 38% for last year. This is fully double the recycling rate that the Tories inherited four years ago.

In our 2006 manifesto we had a long section on recycling:


Conservatives in Ealing are committed to raising the amount of our waste that we recycle. We believe that the key to achieving this is ensuring that any recycling scheme is accessible to everyone, easy to use and free at the point of use for all residents.

It is the simplicity and ease of the Green Box recycling scheme that has made it such a successful scheme. Conservatives support the retention of the Green Box scheme and we would expand it by including the recycling of cardboard.

Ealing Council is also in the process of partially introducing the Kitchen Waste recycling scheme. We support in principle the new Kitchen Waste recycling scheme and we shall be closely watching to see how successful it is. If is does prove effective, we shall continue the roll out of this scheme across the whole borough.

Residents have also told us how useful they find the recycling stations across the borough, but often these are badly designed and sometimes difficult to access. We will therefore implement a programme to improve the design of all our recycling stations; making them cleaner, easier to access and free from unnecessary clutter.

Conservatives believe, however, that the existing ‘pink bag’ scheme for the recycling of garden waste does not meet the key requirement of a recycling scheme being accessible to everyone and free at the point of use. We believe that the burden involved in ordering the bags as well as the 50p charge per bag actually serves as a disincentive for residents to recycle their garden waste.

We will therefore abolish the ‘pink bag’ scheme and replace it with a more user friendly scheme that is free to residents at the point of use.

We have more than delivered on this adding plastics and drinks cartons to the list of items you can recycle and pushing recycling facilties out to blocks of flats. It was hard to put numerical targets on recycling when we were in opposition. In our new manifesto we promise to achieve 40% recycling by next year and then on to 50%.

2 replies on “Recycling rate doubled under the Tories”

Making it *EASY* is/was the key, in my opinion. Keeping collection of everything every week and making it all the same day makes it so simple it’s amazing this is not the way it’s done everywhere. Friends & relatives (who dont live in Ealing) often bemoan their every-other-week rubbish-on-a-tuesday recycling-on-a-thursday type schemes.
– How can the borough achieve 50%?
– How can we be re-assured that our separated-for-recycling stuff actually gets recycled? [ you hear occasional stories in the press of stuff being landfilled despite being ‘recycled’ by householders ]


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