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Ealing Tory manifesto

Yesterday the last Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer, Ken Clarke, came to Ealing to launch the national manifesto and to urge the local Tory group on. We also took the opportunity to publish the Ealing Tory group’s manifesto for our borough. To download it click here.

I have reproduced council leader Jason Stacey’s introduction below:

    A record of action, a promise of more

In 2006 the residents of Ealing elected a Conservative administration to run Ealing Council. After 12 years of Labour misrule at the Town Hall, residents elected a Conservative council with a message to bring about change.

There were many factors that brought about the change in administration but there were four issues that stood out from the others. Residents told us they wanted:

• The borough to be cleaner
• An end to the year on year high council tax increases
• The borough to feel safer
• To stop the proposed West London Tram

Since 2006 the Conservative administration has made a number of significant changes to the way the council is run. The Council’s finances are now in a much stronger position, investment has been made in key services and improvements have been noticed by residents across the borough. In the 2009 resident survey, 81% of residents believe the council to be doing a good job – an increase of 16% since 2006.

However, there is no room for complacency and there remains a significant amount to do. This manifesto sets out what has been achieved in the past four years and what a re-elected Conservative administration will seek to achieve over the next four years.

In particular, our manifesto focuses on the following:

• A pledge to continue to deliver further improvements in our local environment – Ealing is no longer one of the dirtiest boroughs in London but now we want to make it one of the cleanest.
• To continue our work with the Police to deliver safer communities across the borough.
• Holding down Council Tax levels as low as possible.
• Create a sustainable transport system; overseeing the development on Crossrail and improvements at a number of key stations across the borough and developing a logical and integrated transport network.
• Providing the highest quality social care to the most vulnerable residents in our community whilst enabling them to live full and independent lives.
• Developing new opportunities for young people and broadening their choices to give them the best start in life.
• Regenerating our town centres and shopping areas to restore economic vitality and make them a place where local people want to go and shop.
• Regenerating our housing estates to deliver modern and fit for purpose housing for the residents of the borough

This is a challenging programme especially when set against the difficult economic times in which we find ourselves. However, the past four years has shown a Conservative administration that is committed to change and determined to bring long term improvements to our borough. At the forthcoming elections I ask you to support your Conservative candidates and help us continue to deliver this change.

Cllr Jason Stacey
Conservative Leader on Ealing Council

2 replies on “Ealing Tory manifesto”

Councillor Taylor,

Thanks for publishing this 15 page manifesto. I’ll no doubt enjoy reading it and publicising it.

Of all the Tory grandees Ken Clarke has aways struck me as the least offensive.


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