Ealing and Northfield

Bassam Mahfouz in identity politics gaffe

The Labour candidate for the Ealing Central and Acton constituency has got himself into trouble according to the Daily Mail today, see here.

In Andrew Pierce’s Gaffe of the Day spot they have:

Wannabe Labour MP Bassam Mahfouz, who tried to ingratiate himself at a dinner for the UK’s Lebanese community by urging them to vote for him so he could become ‘the first Arab MP’.

Hushed silence followed before a high-profile Lebanese politician stood up and said: ‘We are not Arabs. We are Lebanese.’

Anyone who knows Bassam knows he is a regular Londoner. We all come from somewhere. Maybe he should concentrate on where he is going rather than where he came from.

One reply on “Bassam Mahfouz in identity politics gaffe”

I attended the dinner at which the gaffe was made and what I found more disturbing was that Mr Mahfouz referred to his wanting people to vote for him so that he could represent Lebanese interests in Parliament. Not a single mention about the interests of the residents of Ealing Central or Acton, or indeed that he was a labour candidate, simply that he would represent Lebanese interests.


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