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A sentence mangled beyond recognition

I can only imagine that Gordon Brown himself came up with the strap line for the Labour election campaign: “A future fair for all”. What a load of mangled nonsense? What is wrong with: “A fair future for all”. Don’t we traditionally put adjectives in front of nouns in English? Gordon Brown has the strangest linguisitic habits and I can only imagine that he came up with this slogan and resisted all attempts to iron it out.

If you enjoy being patronised then click on Labour’s little video below. I know they are promising to lower the voting age to 16 but do we need to be infantilised like this?

I will flip through the Labour mainfesto later but the Conservatives has already identified 102 broken promises from the 2005 manifesto here. In 2005 they promised:

We will not raise the basic or top rates of income tax in the next Parliament (p.16)

Since then Gordon Brown abolished the 10% rate, Alistair Darling has added new 45% and 50% tax rates and forzen allowances. They are making the same claim again today. Once bitten, twice shy I think.

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Who knows where the taxes will go up?

Tories believe in lowering taxes but imposing purchase taxes, now known as VAT.

Raising VAT hits the poor and the pensioners. Both are more vulnerable than those in work.

Last time NI went up, I don’t remember armies of people joining the Dole queue. James Caan has a point.



It isn’t just about taxes, it’s about where your focus is.

Labour want to protect public sector jobs with our taxes, probably because this is what the unions have told them to do.

We want to take less in taxes, especially National Insurance, as we see this as a tax on jobs, so our focus is on trying to make it easier for the private sector to create jobs, which don’t cost the taxpayer money, so we can more quickly deal with the deficit.

Making it easier to create new private sector jobs will pull us out of this mess more quickly than protecting public sector jobs will.

Labour can’t do this because the unions won’t allow them to.


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