National politics

Depressing Plaid Cymru

The excellent Iain Martin at The Wall Street Journal points out that it was all a bit slow today. So much so that Sky was reduced to covering the Plaid Cymru press conference. I heard this being covered on BBC radio too and was profoundly depressed by it. It seems that the main plank of Plaid’s campaign is that the Welsh should clamp their jaws on the teat of state spending and grimly hang on. See their press release here.

Plaid’s Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones AM told the news conference at Plaid HQ in Cardiff:

With the prospect of a hung parliament becoming increasingly more likely, Plaid can and would secure the best deal for Wales and our communities. In a situation where no party has overall control we will be in a very strong position to fight for a fairer funding deal for Wales to protect jobs, schools and hospitals. Who else is going to stand up for Wales and for our communities? Think about it. The greater the vote for Plaid – the better the deal for Wales. This is an opportunity to make a real difference.

What a depressing prescription? No ambition beyond keep on taking from the English. Some kind of nationalist.

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