Ealing and Northfield

Hanwell graced by Richmond LibDem leader

This morning our joint Elthorne and Northfield Conservative local election team met at the excellent Cafe Gold by Hanwell clock tower before we went off canvassing. There was a good turn out, there were ten of us. We were approached by an older man who had spotted that we looked like political types out on manoeuvres. He asked us what party we were from and we told him we were the Conservative team. He congratulated us and wished us well and introduced himself as Serge Lourie, the LibDem leader of Richmond council.

Lourie didn’t seem too crestfallen that we weren’t fellow LibDems. He was very sweet considering that it all gets a bit bloody between the Tories and the LibDems in Richmond, see here.

I did think about harassing him over his council tax but it seemed a little unnecessary after he had been so gracious. That doesn’t stop me doing it here though! LibDem Richmond is second only to LibDem Kingston as being the most expensive borough in London. Band D council tax in the three boroughs are:

Ealing £1,369.75
Kingston £1,630.78
Richmond £1,597.21

Ealing is way down at 16th on the list. You need to be wealthy to be able to afford a LibDem council.

2 replies on “Hanwell graced by Richmond LibDem leader”

What was Lourie doing in your neck of the woods?

To say it gets “a bit bloody between the Tories and the LibDems in Richmond” is an understatement! And – as that linked article illustrates so well – the ‘bloodiness’ is all on the Lib Dem side.

Indeed – again as that article shows – Richmond borough’s Lib Dems are incapable of arguing political points. Their modus operandi is to try to pulverise their opposition into silence.

Moreover, Richmond borough’s Lib Dems follow their codified book of dirty tricks called “Effective Opposition” to the letter with its mantra of: “be wicked, act shamelessly, stir endlessly”. They truly are the neo-nasty party!


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