Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Livingstone’s little helpers still at it

There are more important things to blog about, of which more later, but first a trivial diversion.

Two and a half years ago I pointed to the ecosystem of GLA funded left-wing front oranisations that were campaigning on behalf of the old London Mayor, Ken Livingstone. If you had thought that they had gone away you would be wrong.

Tomorrow you could go to the Friends Meeting House in Euston and hear American civil rights firebrand, the Rev. Al Sharpton. In addition to Sharpton you get a Smörgåsbord of Ken’s old mates: Diane Abbot MP, Karen Chouhan, Lee Jasper, Kwami Kwei-Armah and OBV Director, Simon Woolley. It was Jasper’s torrid e-mails to Chouhan that lost him his job in the run up to the 2008 London mayoral elections.

Operation Black Vote pretends to be a cross-party organisation: “Operation Black Vote is a non-party political campaign”. Sorry but all of these guys are Livingstone’s people if not Labour people.

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