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Bought and paid for

patrick-stewartWhen Labour luvvie Patrick Stewart was taking part in the Boxing Day Labour Party campaign against fox hunting he would have known that today it would be announced today that he is to be made a knight in the New Year’s Honours List.

I guess if you are a successful thespian who is happy to date women of your daughter’s age you don’t care much how things look.

It looks like Stewart has been rewarded for being a loyal Labour supporter. Beam me up!

6 replies on “Bought and paid for”


You shouldn’t be so judgemental about people and their partners. People must be allowed to find love wherever they can – as long as it’s legal of course.

Also surely you aren’t suggesting that the so-called Honours System is rigged? The Honours System is a farce anyway. I’d certainly turn down a Knighthood if offered one. All those folks who fought for an egalitarian society in England over the centuries would turn in their graves if they knew about the current Lords and Ladies nonsense. Lord Ashcroft, Lord Archer…need I go on?



But don’t you think that his stand against foxhunting overrides his other attributes? Where do you stand on this subject?



Silence is golden.

Where is your trumpet which you told me about?

Tories have very mixed views on hunting. What are yours?



I think that fox hunting is very pretty, that Labour wasted too much time banning it and that it was unfair to impose metropolitan views on the countryside. I hope the Tories repeal it and Cameron’s suggestion of a free vote seems like a quick, clean way of deciding it without wasting too much time (as did Labour).


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