Ealing and Northfield

Southall gasworks won’t die

The big local news today is that the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has called in the Southall gasworks development. Under new powers he is able to overturn local planning decisions which have a wider impact. He has done this once already this year at the Columbus Tower in Canary Wharf.

In many ways this is a very exciting project. It puts 3,750 homes on derelict land right on top of Southall station which will become a Crossrail station. Obviously people worry that an already busy area will become way too crowded.

You can see the Mayor’s press release here and coverage in Uxbridge Gazette here.

Local MP Virendra Sharma will be hopping mad. Here’s what he had to say about Ealing planning committee’s decision to refuse.

3 replies on “Southall gasworks won’t die”

Sounds like you are in favour of these National Grid proposals.

All the folks I’ve talked to in Southall are against these plans. The only planned road access is from the often gridlocked Southall centre. Without major, new transport infrastructure to provide accesses from the west this development is a non-starter. The GLA planners got it wrong with Arcadia maybe they’ll get it wrong with Southall Gas Works.

And why keep politicising all these issues? It’s not really that helpful to the residents.

Happy New Year!


I am in favour of the site being used in a sensible way. I have not looked at the plans in any detail so I don’t have a view of the current plans. I was just reporting the news.

If I talk about it I am politicising it, if you talk about it that is OK?


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