Ealing and Northfield

Another council tax freeze

gla-preceptThe biggest story coming out of Tuesday’s council meeting was the Leader’s announcement, in a reply to a question, that next year’s council tax will not rise again next year, for the second year running.

This comes on top of the London Mayor’s announcement this time last week of his draft budget which re-confirmed that the GLA precept will be frozen for the second year running, see here.

By voting Conservative in Ealing in 2006 voters have won themselves two below inflation rises of 1.9% and two years of stand still. For people in modest homes the combination of Ealing’s cash back and this history of council tax restraint means that they have effectively had their local taxes frozen for four years.

Similarly, by voting Conservative in London in 2008 voters have won themselves two years of stand still.

Meanwhile last week’s Pre-Budget Report served to underline how badly the whole country needs to vote Conservative in 2010.

2 replies on “Another council tax freeze”

Ooops, if you are going to leave comments on blogs it is probably better not to do it on your work computer.

Nick Carthew is the GLA LibDem group office boy or political officer or somesuch. Apparently his job involves commenting anonymously on Tory blogs.

Note to astroturfers: if you comment from a work computer your IP address will announce where you work.


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