National politics

PBR hide and seek

I just Googled “PBR” to find the Pre-Budget Report so that I could make a few comments on this party-political broadcast dressed up as financial plan. The Labour spin machine is in full effect.


The first thing you notice is that two different parts of the Government are paying for Google AdWords. It would be nice if they paid for an AdWord that would take you to the document rather than the spin but no such luck.


The Directgov page fails to link to the actual document but you can see videos and webcasts and read the spun version which fails to mention all the twists. More of our money wasted.


How do you get to the report itself? Follow the link to the Treasury’s PBR website? No, this takes you to another glossy mini-site with a YouTube channel and all kinds of bells and whistles but no actual report. This same microsite comes 4th on the list of the main Google search – another trap for the unwary.

To find the actual PBR go to the main Treasury site, ignore the prominent link to the microsite, go to the PBR link in the right panel, click the Full report link and finally scroll down to the bottom of the page to get a link to the full PBR. What could they be trying to hide?

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