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The Afghans are back, well still here

The dreadful Acton Afghan mansion story is back in the Mail today.

Typically for the Mail they fail to convey who is to blame here. This story is excruciating for Ealing Council as we have a peripheral role in the administration of this stupid scheme, called the Local Housing Allowance Scheme.

The article is not as clear as it could be. This is a Labour government scheme which means that central government cash is being spent on this family. Ealing Council cannot stop this situation the way the law and the scheme are currently drafted.

If you want to blame someone, blame the government that has lost control of immigration and then uses our taxes in such a stupid way.

3 replies on “The Afghans are back, well still here”

I think it is great you have made this point clear because as a council tax payer in Ealing I was really annoyed – I am a Conservative voter but did get the impression that it was the Councils fault and as the Council is Conservative I think many people jump to this conclusion – I hope you can publicise this more in Ealing so residents find out the truth and that the money is coming from central government.


If the rooms are at least 110 square feet in floor area and there are 5 or more rooms, then the space standard ordains that 2 people should be allocated to each room. It does seem therefore that this family was overhoused by the Council – and to that extent, only, the Council was at fault. But had there been a much larger family needing housing, then with homelessness of say 4 million, I am sure that this house would have been used by another family – possibly on state benefits. Would then there have been such an outcry?

When the Housing Benefit (all of which comes from Central Government) changes hit this family, the Council is probably going to be faced with another homeless situation if the mother can establish under the law that she is in the vulnerable category. A rock and a hard place unless more families can be rehoused by Ealing far outside London in cheaper property. Hard though it is, geographical placement is one of the major failings of immigration policy.


If indeed this is caused by Central Govt, then I echo what Ian says, please ensure this is (1) very clear to all us LBE council tax payers and (2) put pressure (finally) on the govt to rehouse these people somewhere more cost effective.

Otherwise you might find a lot of your law abiding tax paying citizens witholding council tax in protest come April.


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