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Labour hate history

One of the things we have learnt about the modern Labour party is that they hate history. Probably because history usually proves them wrong. They certainly have no respect for it as yesterday’s party political broadcast demonstrated. It is full of hilarious inaccuracies such as mixing up Labour heroes Ernest Bevin and Nye Bevan. This seems to be an emerging pattern; remember Harriet Harman ignoring Labour’s first woman minister back in September. See the Guido Fawkes video below for more analysis.

Much of Labour’s video tries to appropriate acheivements that are not Labour’s own. Women’s suffrage – no Labour laws. Fighting fascism – everyone from the communists to the Tories pitched in behind a Tory war leader thank you. I could go on. It was touching though to see Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock rehabilitated. At the end they even try to own Britishness with the line:

So here’s to the fighters, the true Brits, the ones who never gave up, sharing the same commitment.

So those not similarly committed are not true Brits? If that is not bad enough I found the last line of the voice over quite sinister really:

We can succeed for Britain, because we must.

Apart from not making much sense, sinister? Yes, because that mindset let’s you lie and cheat and do pretty much any evil you like because you think the end justifies the means. How do you think Stalin’s purges and the gulag happened? How do you think Tiananmen Square happened? How do you think postal ballot rigging happens today?

Don’t forget your history.

One reply on “Labour hate history”

History is indeed something that should not be forgotten: especially with light to the previous Labour administration of Ealing Council. Strangely enough it may well come to haunt them with regard to the collapse of the road at the busy Little Ealing Lane junction by the Assyrian Church. A few years ago that administration commissioned a study by an external consultant (the name Mouchel Parkman rings a bell, or something like that) to review the problems surrounding that junction. The study cost around £50K and as far as I am aware none of its major findings were implemented (let alone discussed at the appropriate committee level). With the partial closure of the junction outside Paddy Power’s bookmakers perhaps it makes sense to spend the money needed to fix the junction in line with the plans put forward by the consultants, especially as Ealing’s Council Tax Payers forked out for this study in the first place!


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