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Give ’em enough rope


I promise you that the biggest news story over the next week is going to be BBC pay and expenses. In an extraordinary unforced error today the BBC published the pay and expenses of 100 of its senior staff. There is a lovely video of Konnie Huq and Caroline Thomson, Chief Operating Officer, here, discussing the disclosure. These people are so entirely out of touch that they will be surprised and hurt at how angry the public get about this issue.

The details are here. What is really eye watering is the penny pinching meanness of these idiots. Take Director General, Mark Thompson. Although he earns £664,000 per annum, with a total remuneration package of £834,000, he is still willing to claim over 60 times, pretty much every working day of the quarter covered in the report, for the odd few pence on a parking meter. I guess he got his expensive PA to do the paperwork. I suspect it cost the BBC £10-20 to process each of his claims for £1.20. What a complete and utter fool? I am speechless.

These idiots will feel the wrath of the public over the next week.

3 replies on “Give ’em enough rope”

I have tried to vent my wrath at this on the BBc website but couldn’t find an opportunity to do so.
They don’t make it easy. I also tried on the Telegraphs website, where you would have expected them to make an issue of it, given the level of coverage they gave to mp’s expenses, but again, there was nothing in todays paper.
Unfortunately, I fear this story will not be the big story you predict



I suspect I will be proven right in the the long run. The MP’s expenses thing took a while to get going. I suspect that this one will ramp up too.


I agree with Colm. Hatred of politicians and Bankers is embedded in our literary culture, but not of dear old Aunty. I agree the expenses sound awful, but then why do local authority chief executives get paid so outrageously highly?


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