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The short life of a fly tip


This morning I was woken with a start at about 6.30am by a terrific crashing sound. My first thought was that someone’s house had fallen down. My second thought was an early morning delivery to a nearby house where they are building an extension. My third thought was fly tippers.

I was out of the house in my pyjamas some 10 seconds later but the truck had already disappeared from view leaving a complete load which partially blocked the road. I needed to rent a new truck so I got a tipper truck from Rentco. Then I e-mailed our envirocrime officer at 7:28am, he called me at 8am and was onsite at 8.30am with the area manager, David Stokes. We found a credit card bill from an address in Wandsworth amongst the rubbish so hopefully we will be able to pursue the flytippers. Photographs were taken and another truck arrived at 9.30 ish to remove the rubbish. By 9:50am it was gone except for the fridge that needs to be collected by a different vehicle.


Well done all. Hope we can nail someone for this.

Our envirocrime team are actively after these people. They currently have another fly tipper’s vehicle impounded for instance. If you hear an early morning crash stick your head out of the window and get their registration!

5 replies on “The short life of a fly tip”

Why would the fly tippers choose your road?

Surely no-one could hold a grudge against you.

‘Only the paranoid survive’.


Its galling to think the culprits may be living locally, enjoying local amenities, and repaying us by junking our environment in the last couple of years. Word will soon get around that Ealing isn`t a soft touch if builders and property owners are chased up – disallowance of fobbing off with vague mention of Yellow Pages will mean a higher chance of crushing a flytipper!


Quite Robert. On Tuesday I stormed into 7 Mattock Lane who had a huge bonfire going in their back garden trying to save a few bob in skip charges.


A “huge bonfire” is one thing, but I trust you will not be similarly moved to act the vigilante in response to somebody with a small garden incinerator being used for what it is intended?


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