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Local MP speaks in praise of Axis leader

chandra-boseOn Thursday Ealing Southall MP, Virendra Sharma, gave a speech at the Nehru Centre in London essentially recommending the thoughts of Chandra Bose. Indeed Sharma’s press release is headlined “VIRENDRA SHARMA MP HONOURS THE LEGACY OF NETAJI SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE” and includes a picture of Bose in a fascist uniform, see right.

Just in case you are unclear about who Sharma is “honouring” here is another picture of Bose:


According to Wikipedia:

His stance did not change with the outbreak of the Second World War, which he saw as an opportunity to take advantage of British weakness. At the outset of the war, he went away from India and travelled to the Soviet Union, Germany and Japan, seeking an alliance with the aim of attacking the British in India. With Japanese assistance, he re-organised and later led the Indian National Army, formed from Indian prisoners-of-war and plantation workers from British Malaya, Singapore, and other parts of Southeast Asia, against British forces. With Japanese monetary, political, diplomatic and military assistance, he formed the Azad Hind Government in exile and regrouped and led the Indian National Army in battle against the allies at Imphal and in Burma.

My father fought at the battle of Imphal, in fact he soldiered through the whole Burma campaign, so you can imagine that I am not impressed with Sharma. One of the forgotten footnotes of this brutal campaign was the Indian National Army. 40,000 men joined the INA which fought with the Japanese against the allies in the Second World War. At the same time, as a part of the British Empire’s war effort, the Indian Army became the largest all-volunteer force in history, rising to over 2.5 million men in size.

Sharma gave his speech at the Nehru Centre. This is effectively part of the Indian state. Our MP has attended conferences in India, paid for by the Indian government for parliamentarians of Indian origin, see here. Maybe Sharma needs to work out whether he is an Indian MP or a British MP? It is one thing for an Indian MP to view Bose as an Indian patriot. It is quite another for a British MP to speak in praise of an Axis leader, even if he was essentially a failure at a military level. Yet again Sharma gets it wrong – only this time not slight cock up wrong, not silly old fool wrong, but resigning wrong.

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The Press Release says at the end
“If you are a second generation young person of Indian origin living in the UK today [exploring politics] will be a fruitful voyage of discovery if you take the time to study the remarkable life of Subhas Chandra Bose and his guiding philosophy.”

Subhas Chandra Bose was fighting the British by whatever means possible including armed struggle and making alliances with the enemies of Britain during World War II. To encourage young people of Indian origin to be inspired by him and by extension emulate his example is beyond contempt for a British MP elected to the Westminster Parliament.

The Press Release also calls this man a ‘predecessor’ to Ghandi which is highly misleading. Bose was in many respects the antithesis of Ghandi.

Sharma and his associates at the Nehru Centre probably think they have been very clever. In fact they should hang their heads in shame. Sharma should certainly resign but he doesn’t seem to feel any sort of shame for anything so don’t hold your breath. Hopefully the next election may unseat him.


No, Iain people do not understand. Sharma is nulab. Just like John Reid’s Communist past is semi-airbrushed out, he is allowed to do this. Now, were he a Tory that would be different. The Proeject must not be compromised


[…] Phil Taylor has a remarkable story of a Labour MP praising an Indian Fascist-sympathising leader. He writes… On Thursday Ealing Southall MP, Virendra Sharma, gave a speech at the Nehru Centre in London essentially recommending the thoughts of Chandra Bose. Indeed Sharma’s press release is headlined “VIRENDRA SHARMA MP HONOURS THE LEGACY OF NETAJI SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE”. Bose was a fascist sympathising Indian who rose to prominence during the Second World War. […]


I am amazed by Phil Taylor’s comments about Subhas Chandra Bose. Bose was a Socialist to the core and fought the war against British imperialism & colonialism. What is wrong in seeking help from “Enemy’s Enemy ” to achieve the objective of securing freedom for the country. I suppose Mr. Taylor also thinks that praising Gandhi is wrong as he also fought for the freedom of India.

Finally one of the great British & Tory Party hero and respected leader Churchill was supping with Stalin and fought in alliance with the great dictator who probably killed more human beings than Hitler. What is the reasoning behind not uttering a word against Churchill. I think Mr. Taylor either applies double standards to Churchill & Bose or he is just politicking in attacking Mr. Sharma. In either case he sould be considered as lacking in judgement


Dear Mr Khale,

You are ridiculous as is your Netaji Subhash Foundation. Apparently you exist to promote “Subhas Bose’s pragmatic ideology”. That pragmatic ideology seems to have been elastic enough to encompass working with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan to fight against the World War II allies in what has to be the easiest conflict in the 20th century to work out which side you are on.

Whatever Chandra Bose wrote or said before he decided to fight on the wrong side is rendered entirely worthless by this decision.

My understanding of the Indian independence struggle is insufficient to comment on what Gandhi said or did in this period but the perception among British people is that he did not aid and abet the enemy during the WWII.


Dear Mr. Taylor,

Subhas Bose was a democratically elected President of the Congress party and was supported by Gandhi. He was a democrat and only resorted to the stronger form of the liberation struggle when the imperialist like the Tory heros imprisoned him continuously to suppress the freedom and Independence of India.

By your logic whatever Churchill’s previous history it was wrong for him to join hands with a Dictator like Stalin. I am afraid that your understanding of human struggle for independence and freedom seems to be distorted and hence I feel that your judgement in understanding people like Subhas Bose is incorrect.


Suhas is right. Read a little about the man and don’t assume that anyone who fought the allies in WWII was an evil nasty fascist. Fighting for Independence with the widespread support of those whose independence you are fighting for does NOT make you a disgrace.


Thank you Mr Schneider for your comment. I was beginning to wonder if anyone with some knowledge of world history and of freedom struggles, in particular against British colonialism, will have something to say against the uninformed and chauvinistic comments of Mr Phil Taylor and Mr Iain Dale. Patriots and statesmen and women from any country, and Subhas Chandra Bose is certainly among them, are inspirations to our current generation of young people, who fortunately are increasingly global in their thinking. Subhas Chandra Bose had many good friends among the leading personalities of Britain during his time, and there are British citizens today, irrespective of their origins, who admire and respect Subhas Chandra Bose, ‘the patriot of patriots’ as Mahatma Gandhi said of him.


I think Mr. Phil Taylor is a perfect British gentleman . we Indians never asked Britishers to come to India and save us !!!…Evil British came to India and looted our country over 200 years . They looted our country,rape Indian women and made inhuman tortures on Indians .What Mr. Phil expected from Indian leaders ?Flowers,Garlands and blessings ?:) .
Netaji Subhas chandra Bose was a socialist who made war time alliance with Germans and Japanese to liberate our country . .

Hitler was cruel.i think Mr. Phil Taylor believes that .but Mr. Phil Taylor have you ever heard from your ancestors what kind of cruelty Britishers have done on world . till day Britishers and Australians are racist .It is a fact.
Come to India Mr. Phil Taylor and you will understand neither queen Victoria nor Churchill were saints .they were evils.British looted us .KOHINOOR DIAMOND AND PEACOCK THRONE were stolen by British from India i think you know that and to do throw British evils out of India Netaji did whatever he could.


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