Ealing and Northfield

Parks as Community Assets Specialist Scrutiny Panel

Ealing Council will be running a Parks as Community Assets Specialist Scrutiny Panel this year. For more information follow this link.

The first meeting will be held tonight in at 7pm Committee Room 3 at the Town Hall. Anyone is allowed to attend these scrutiny meetings and the public are given regular opportunities to speak. They usually attract lots of interested parties who want to make sure that the scrutiny panels hear their views.

This panel is chaired by my predecessor Nigel Sumner who is not only an expert on parks, but more importantly, an enthusiast.

Please go and take part.

9 replies on “Parks as Community Assets Specialist Scrutiny Panel”

Good of you to give us all so much notice.

And what exactly are Councillor Sumner’s parks’ qualifications? I have noted in the past his enthusiasms.

When are you speking at the Arcadia Public Inquiry? Many local residents are keen to hear what you have to say.


Whilst I disagree with a lot of Phil’s views and opinions, you are becoming increasingly tedious and are now politically compromised.


Bob. do you mean Phil or Eric is becoming tedious. i do hope you meant Phil because Eric is like a breath of fresh air against Phil’s constant toeing the party line? And have you noticed how Phil avoids answering questions – even though he should be ‘honestly’ accountable as an ‘elected’ representative?


Thanks for opening the new/old gate position in Lammas Park north east corner. Will this be the third night this gate and hence the park will remain unlocked? Will the wildlife escape or enter through this portal. A net gain or a net loss? I couldn’t come to this meeting as I had to deal with an emergency call out. Judging by the above and the large amounts of money going towards Ealing Parks in section 106 money I wonder just how much more money can be spent on say Walpole Park (Cllr Anthony Young) and have you got a team that can deliver it with care and proper consultatiion? Did the wrong cedar tree get cut down?


Mr Roberts,

What does ‘politically compromised’ actually mean?

I do know what tedious means and I think you are probably right about this – so I’ll shut up here for a while. However for tedoius try attending seven consecutive days at the Arcadia Public Iinquiry.

Thank goodness for the rain as the it will ‘wash’ the air and rescue all our lawns and flowers.

Good bye for now.



I often don’t publish anonymous comments because I think the conversations we have here should be grown up.

Your concept of accountability must be really elastic. You know who I am and you demand accountability from an elected representative. Fine. I am sure that I could work harder to answer layer upon layer of questions that don’t come under my brief or are at a level of detail that I would not be expected to routinely deal with. Mea culpa, there are only so many hours in the day. You on the other hand don’t even want to put your name to your comments. Tell us your name or go away.


New padlock on new gate so we expect wildlife to be locked both in and out of Lammas Park tonight. Thank you for such prompt action Phil. Eric you probably agree that the Arcadia Inquiry became less tedious today. Wow Sir Peter Hall flung the book at them or rather some 40 books some in their 4th Edition. And his special subject Town Planning. Counsel avoided asking him any questions. Who could blame them?


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