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If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas

The NHS Confederation’s Nigel Edwards is not very happy with me. He says:

Didn’t like your blog coverage much! We are not a trade union and this is not special pleading: there is no more money to be had, the banks have it all, benefits will get the rest, tax receipts are falling. All healthcare systems across Europe are going to experience this whether they are funded by tax or insurance. The target of this document is:

1) our own members – they need to think about how to respond to this
2) politicians who need to think about some difficult choices.

If these are their target audiences it is hard to know how the report got to be the featured on the BBC News at Ten. Reading their report it is a sensible attempt to discuss the issues raised by the coming Brown bust squeeze. Unfortunately for the NHS Confederation their report got hijacked by the BBC wanting to do a lurid NHS cuts story. Maybe Nigel might have noticed the BBC’s agenda when they were doing his make up at the bleak “wasteland” location they chose to do his piece to camera. Ooops.

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