Ealing and Northfield

Pound hammered

pound-in-mailUp until now, unless you count the vile Keens, Ealing’s local Labour MPs have escaped censure in the expenses scandal. Being a Tory I don’t agree with them on many isssues but Pound, Sharma and Slaughter have been pretty good on the whole with the expenses thing it appears.

Today Stephen Pound gets it in the neck from the Daily Mail. I like Stephen. He is always jovial, courteous and very human. He turned up at last week’s annual council and he sought me out to help me with a matter concerning one of my residents. I don’t like the Mail. But the facts speak for themselves. It looks like Pound has either been over-claiming horribly for mileage or he spends 6 hours a day in the car on a regular work day. Sorry but there is something wrong here.

Pound’s main opponent at the next general election will be Ealing Tory councillor Ian Gibb. Ian was quick to follow up the Mail story this morning with his own blog posting here.

Only on Friday Pound was on the Today programme saying that MPs did not deserve sympathy, adding: “It’s nobody’s fault except our own.” Yep.

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