Mayor Johnson

Crossrail moves forward

mayor-crossrailToday the Mayor and the Prime Minister went to Canary Wharf to anoint Crossrail. People still doubt that this project will be completed. They are wrong.

Crossrail is one of the most defendable pieces of public spending there is. It is pure capital spending that will result in a super-productive asset that will help drive the economy of our most productive region.

Today’s BBC story muttered:

There have been concerns that the Conservatives could abandon the project because of the economic conditions should the party win the next general election.

This is pure mischief making. This line echoes stories in the Standard here for instance. Ditto.

Although the Conservatives will challenge the way businesses are taxed to fund Crossrail and I would expect them to revisit all of its estimates a number of times I confidently predict that they will not cancel this programme.

No doubt Gordon Brown, who cares for his party way more than he cares of the country, will try to spin a line that Crossrail is at risk if the Conservatives replace him next May. It is just another Brown dividing line – and another Brownie.

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