Ealing and Northfield

Three stooges

Last Thursday, whilst I was still on holiday in Virginia seeing the in-laws, I did this posting on Councillor Sharma’s Janus-like abilities when it comes to voting. It seems that this posting and the comments on it are hurting because I seem to have had more comments than usual and three new first name only commenters who are busily defending Sharma.

Someone called Jot has commented three times. He is obviously a believer though:

… since coming to power Mr Sharma has done more for the local area then any Conservative candidate could ever do.

His ardour may be explained by the fact that he commented from an IP address registered to the Houses of Parliament. All three comments were made early afternoon in what one might call prime working hours. Is Jot being paid by Councillor Sharma to make these comments? If so is that really what staff allowances are for? A new twist in the expenses saga maybe? Maybe he is just an intern. Perhaps someone can identify Jot for us in the comments?

Maria has only commented once and I can’t identify her from her IP address or e-mail. She may well be the genuine constituent she purports to be. Perhaps she can tell us who she is and what prompted her to write in the comments too?

Finally, and most interestingly, we have Bob. Bob is using an IP address registered to the London Borough of Ealing. He has commented four times in the last three days in prime working hours. Council employees really shouldn’t be surfing in working hours and it is unwise in the extreme for them to be commenting on political matters. The e-mail address Bob gave indicates that his surname is Sharma. Any relation? Please do tell.

I often don’t allow comments which are anonymous or only include a first name unless they are funny. These comments aren’t intended to be funny …

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