Crime down in Northfield

mayor-2008-9-crime-figuresIt is crime statistics reporting season. On Thursday the Mayor reported that crime is at a 10 year low. See his press release here. Some good progress is reported:

Overall there were 18,000 fewer offences in London between 2007/8 and 2008/9, including a cut in youth violence of almost 10 per cent and a drop in serious violent crime of 2.4 per cent. Gun crime has reduced by almost 26 per cent, knife crime has dropped by 13 per cent, murder has been cut by more than four per cent and robbery is down 12 per cent.

I criticised the previous mayor for talking up reductions in total crime whilst violent crime, which is rather more important to most people, was on the rise, see previous post. These latest figures reassure me. There are problems to be tackled in many areas still including rape and domestic crime.

Cllr Ian Gibb, who is also the PPC for Ealing North, points to good figures for Ealing, see here. Crime across Ealing is down 3.8% whereas London is only down 2.2% overall. The story in Northfield is even better – crime down 7.6%.

Northfield is one of the safest places in London to live. Our crime levels are fractions of the Ealing and Greater London levels. The only area where we are typical of Ealing and London is burglary. We had 10.2 burglaries per 1,000 of population last year compared to 12.7 for Ealing as a whole and 13 for London as a whole. In these hard times it is probably as well to think again about basic home security, even in lovely Northfield.

To better understand the figures have a look at the overall Ealing figures here. The Northfield figures are here.

If you want to keep in touch with policing issues in Ealing take a look at the Met’s Ealing website.

If you have nuisance crime issues that are locally based rather than immediate 999 issues call Sergeant Fox on the Northfield Safer Nieghbourhood number 020 8721 2950. Their webpage is here.

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