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He just doesn’t get it

Today Tim Montgomerie at the excellent ConservativeHome points out two stories about Boris Johnson in the Evening Standard and talks about “Good juxtaposition”. For me a more striking juxtaposition was between these two stories:

3 replies on “He just doesn’t get it”

The Ealing Council Directors of Services seem mainly or all to be on packages over £110k p.a. Miles higher than a few years ago.

It would also be impressive if their total pay had been frozen this year.

It would also be impressive if Councillors had had the bottle to vote down allowances for Councillors who treat their positions as sinecures.


George. My understanding of the word sinecure is that it is a position or office that requires little or no work but provides a salary. It may be that when you were a local cllr, you did little or no work but took the salary anyways, but i can assure you that I put in at least 25 hours a week. You might think it impressive if i took no salary for that time but my wife would need a better explanation for my absence most evenings. Now if I was sitting on the sidelines and just finding fault with what everyone else was doing, I wouldn’t expect a salary for that or think that i was impressive for not wanting one, but my missus would question whether there was something more useful that I could be doing with my time


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